Choosing the right flooring contractor

flooring contractor

With the increasing quantity of DIY shows on tv, a lot of people are working hard to revive their own hardwood flooring only to find it is not quite as simple as it appears on tv. Professional hardwood floor restoration businesses will have invested in the ideal machines for the job and also in the right training.

Having no expertise and using machines that aren’t forgiving can cause severe harm to your hardwood flooring and can lessen its life by up to 50 percent, so it’s essential to hire a firm whose workers are fully trained and capable in hardwood flooring restoration. Hiring a professional will make sure that the tiniest quantity possible of wood is eliminated during the sanding procedure and will, therefore, extend the life span of your flooring

Hiring an expert to perform the job will give you the ideal finishing and might even wind up saving you money. It would be much costlier to try the task yourself, rent the machinery, purchase the sandpaper and finishing materials, only to have then to hire in the professionals to redesign the work because you’re displeased with the finish.

Things to look for before choosing a flooring contractor:

If you’re trying to find a business to supply and match your floors, you should search for a company that can verify their standard of the job. Ask to see examples of the work or at least pictures of it and ask them to showcase real testimonials.

Ask to see proof of their qualifications. A proper and genuine flooring solution provider in the USA has to be Licensed by the state government, and the employees have to be insured. Make sure you check their qualification before availing of their service.

At DFY Floors Raleigh, we’re enthusiastic about the restoration and installation of all types of real hardwood flooring and Carpets. The hardwood flooring trade can be traced back in our family-owned business to early 1995 when floors were installed and sanded by hand without any high tech machinery. Combining those conventional methods with modern-day techniques and machinery, good quality materials, and a seasoned group of installers and flooring restorers, we provide a complete excellent service from the original concept through its completion.
Our goal is to keep on developing our range of products and to keep up with our highly recommended service.

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